Facilities and equipment

Efficient, safe and effective

At FreightNed, we use a wide variety of facilities and equipment to make sure that we can transport your goods as efficiently, safely and effectively as possible.

We use proprietary facilities and equipment as much as possible, and that is why we, as a company, can respond flexibly and save our clients costs.

As a full-service logistics partner, we give you peace of mind by making sure that your valuable goods reach their destination safely.

Vehicle fleet

Our vehicles are on the road for you throughout the Benelux every day. Therefore, FreightNed has an expansive and diverse vehicle fleet. It contains over 50 towing units and more than 110 trailers.

The trailers are equipped with tailboards or truck-mounted forklifts and consist of box trailers, tautliners, and distribution trailers.

Our vehicle fleet also contains smaller motor vehicles for inner-city distribution and so-called LZV ecocombis that can contain over 50 EUR-pallets.


FreightNed has a large expedition space. Since everything is collected at and distributed from one central location, we can plan our truck trips as efficiently as possible, which results in considerable cost savings.

The central location and savings give us a great strategic advantage, making us an expert in fine-mazed distribution.


FreightNed Warehousing is equipped with various warehouses that together make up for over 42,000 square metres of storage space. An ideal solution for clients who want store their goods in a clean, dry, and safe space for a certain amount of time, but who do not have the capacity themselves.


At our location in Oosterhout, we have our own garage. Using good quality tools, our well-trained maintenance staff and technicians work here every day on the maintenance of all our vehicles. This ensures that our trucks and trailers are always in excellent condition, and that chances of breakdowns and related delays are reduced significantly.

Car wash

At our location in Oosterhout, you can also find our car wash. This is how we can make sure that not only our staff, but also our equipment always looks presentable. Because things may be technically in order, but appearances count as well.

This is especially important if you choose Dedicated Transport, because a good appearance of the equipment shows that you have chosen a partner that prioritises quality and hygiene.