FreightNed has grown into a versatile transport and logistics company. As a freight forwarding business, we have grown to be more and more versatile over the years, partially due to the fact that we use our own equipment and storage facilities.

In 1994, due to continuous growth, the site on the Koopvaardijweg on the Weststad industrial estate in Oosterhout was bought. The site offered opportunities for expansion and was very conveniently located near important arterial roads.

In 1997, Groen Transport was acquired together with the site on Koopvaardijweg 3 with its existing warehouse.
In 1999, 8.000 square metres were added to the warehouse on Koopvaardijweg 3 in Oosterhout to meet the storage demand.
In 2007, the construction of a completely new fully equipped (high-rise) warehouse started, elevating our services to a whole new level.
In 2013, the first version of our web portal went live, enabling our customers to log their shipments and easily consult transport documentation.
In 2016, all vehicles were equipped with a Trimble board computer, fully digitising assignments and communication between homebase and drivers and enabling us to continuously track the vehicles.
In 2018, all our own trailers were given a track and trace device, making it possible to track them at any given time, even if they weren’t connected to a towing vehicle.
In 2019, the complete operations of Wanrooy Transport en Logistiek were acquired, together with a large warehouse and our own modern vehicle fleet. A wonderful addition to our existing services. From this time on, FreightNed has offered more services with the branches Logistics, Benelux and Warehousing.
In 2021, FreightNed Logistics moved to a new location on Ridderhaven 19 in Ridderkerk. Due to enormous growth of different branches, such as FreightNed Ocean and FreightNed Intermodal, we can now expand and develop our international services even further.
We will continue to develop our company and services the upcoming years. Together with our clients, we work to further optimise our logistic chain every single day. We are a dynamic and inventive logistics company, that focusses on environmental developments, in which sustainable entrepreneurship is an important factor. This is demonstrated in our choice of corporate resources and fuels, eco-driving and optimisation of distribution flows.