Internal training and education

Internal training and education

FreightNed highly values expertise, craftsmanship and certification.

In 2017, we appointed our own instructor who, periodically, trains and instructs all our (experienced) drivers in order to maintain and enhance their performance. Ever since, these internal trainings and courses have been a fixed part of our operations, which has led to positive lasting results.

Code 95 training & driving style coaching

Our instructor provides code 95 and other trainings to staff, and also works actively with our drivers to achieve the best results. This helps our drivers become more aware of the effects of defensive driving and of situations they may encounter on the road and during loading and unloading. By focussing on these aspects of their profession, drivers improve their driving skills and it saves us maintenance and fuel costs as a business. Not unimportantly, it also reduces the number of damage cases and possible departures of staff as a result of accidents and manoeuvres.

One of our trucks has been specifically modified for eco-driving trainings. Our instructor also provides courses for our logistics staff to widen and intensify their professional skills.

Work placement at FreightNed

As a certified training company (Oosterhout location), we view interns as a direct investment in the future. A good start paves the way for a great future. That is why we love working with motivated and excited students. Because we know that the best way to learn a craft is to actually perform it in a real company.