Transport in the Benelux

Transport is one of the pillars of our company. Our extensive knowledge, experience, capacity and available services enable us to be your full-service distribution partner in arranging just about all your transport. Whether you need containers, distribution trucks, thermo trailers, or tautliners with truck-mounted forklifts. It’s all possible with FreightNed.

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Fine-mazed distribution

Fine-mazed distribution has been our specialty for years. We transport a wide variety of goods to retailers and industry or straight to the consumer. Our experience is our strength. The use of multiple deposit locations in the Benelux enables us to supply to the entire Benelux within 24 hours. That is why FreightNed Benelux is the best option for pallet transport.

During the day, we collect your shipments. In the evening we sort them by postcode, and your goods are delivered to the recipients the next working day. Quality always comes first, whether we are handling a single pallet or a partial consignment, we take care of you as our client and your products as best we can. We provide excellent quality assurance, which is reflected in our ISO Certification.

Just in time

Our automated planning and short lines with deposit locations and suppliers permit FreightNed to set tight schedules for shipments. Every day, we process express shipments that have to be collected and/or delivered within a specific time window (just in time transport). In many cases, you as our client can decide the times for express shipments (or deadline deliveries).

Full truck loads

Full truck loads is familiar territory for FreightNed. Dozens of full truck loads leave our premises every single day. The main advantage of full truck loads is the fact that they are always sent to a specific region, allowing us to maintain low transport costs, which you profit from directly.

Just like fine-mazes distribution, full truck loads has been our specialty for years.

Vehicle fleet

In all, we have over 110 trailers in different shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Box trailers
  • Distribution trailers
  • Tautliners
  • Truck-mounted forklift trailers
  • Container chassis
  • LZV ecocombis
  • Tailboard trailers

Truck-mounted forklift

We offer the option to use a truck-mounted forklift for your transport. The truck-mounted forklift is a transportable forklift that can be mounted onto a truck. The vehicle is ready to use within minutes, allowing you to unload your cargo on places where there are no forklifts available and where (electrical) pallet trucks cannot be used.

Our truck-mounted forklifts have firm support arms that can lift goods up to 2,000 kilograms. This flexible forklift is also equipped with extendable arms and can move in all directions: forward/backward and to the sides. No surface is unfit for our truck-mounted forklifts.

Dedicated transport

Dedicated transport enables us to completely conform to your rules, identity and agreements.

One of our planners is appointed as your fixed contact person. Would you like to take it to the next level? Then perhaps you are interested in using trailers with your own printing and drivers with company clothing for your dedicated transport trips.

FreightNed Dedicated transport is a great solution for clients who highly value exclusivity.