Quality assurance & certification

FreightNed is a logistics company that highly values quality. That is why we make sure that our staff, equipment and work methods comply with all legal and client specific requirements. Naturally, certain certifications are necessary.

ISO 22000

Our location in Oosterhout is ISO 22000 certified. And that’s something we’re proud of! ISO 22000 is an international certification standard regarding the safety of food and non-food products. FeightNed scores well on a number of tasks, including quality management and product safety management during the performance of services.

Moreover, our systems, regulations and analyses have undergone a quality assessment, and these have also been found to completely meet the requirements.

ISO 9001

Our location in Ridderkerk is ISO 9001 certified. This international standard serves as a guarantee for you as a client that we offer good quality management. The high customer satisfaction is a result of our focus on customer centricity, staff commitment, a good process approach, and relationship management.

Certified training company

At FreightNed we believe in investing in the future. Not just with modern techniques, but also with our (future) staff and their education. Since we meet the requirements to offer good quality internships, we are proud to state that our location in Oosterhout is a certified training company for the Transport & logistics sector for, among others, the following positions: warehouse employee, warehouse supervisor, driver, and planner.