FreightNed Group believes it is important to treat both people and planet responsibly. Reducing the climate footprint, treating people well and making conscious decisions.

At FreightNed Group, we do this by incorporating some basic principles into our corporate culture. In addition to these basic principles, each modality also has its own focal points. All of these principles and focal points are aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision

FreightNed has grown significantly over the years. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is still one of conviviality and it shows. We focus on creating a pleasant working environment for the team and on providing flexible and reliable services to customers. FreightNed has a passion for transport and logistics. 

At FreightNed, everyone is treated equally. Salaries are based on the employees’ positions and employability, not on origin or gender. We have a people-oriented, safe and open culture with equal opportunities. Mutual respect and loyalty are principles of our human resources management. This means, among other things, that discrimination based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation is unacceptable.

FreightNed stands for the principle of ‘Fair work and pay’. Capital, labour and raw materials are used sustainably and responsibly.

How we treat our staff

FreightNed is aware of the importance of developing as well as retaining its key suppliers: our employees. Being a good employer is crucial for the sustainable employability of employees. FreightNed does this by encouraging and coaching employees to make conscious decisions. FreightNed has set up a programme that supports this principle: ‘Fit at FreightNed’. This programme operates in three areas: People, Planet & Profit.

Fit at FreightNed

Focuses on vitality and joint sports activities such as cycling and running, providing the a.s.r. Vitality programme.

All FreightNed employees are entitled to a company bicycle. Our bicycle plan contributes to reducing CO2 emissions beyond operational processes, while also benefiting employee vitality.

From the proceeds of its business activities, FreightNed sponsors VV Oosterhout’s youth training programme.


All FreightNed’s modalities are becoming increasingly sustainable, with the goal of operating sustainably and responsibly as a logistics service provider. Here are some sustainable choices that have already been made over the past 5 years:

The partners FreightNed Group works with are selected based on the companies’ sustainable developments and conscious choices in addition to high quality requirements.

Our sustainable choices

  • Working with electronic POD, instead of paper CMR.
  • Reducing CO2 by driving only EURO 6 cars, the cleanest of their kind.
  • Reducing CO2: coaching programme established for efficient driving behaviour.
  • 1,800 solar panels installed at the Oosterhout site, generating enough power for 280 households.
  • All light sources at both locations are generated sustainably through LED lighting.
  • Both locations are equipped with high-efficiency glass.
  • The shed in Oosterhout is equipped with motion sensors.
  • Contributing to the introduction year of the transport and logistics training: together with vocational training provider Curio, the municipality of Oosterhout and 5 other logistics companies, we offer youth the chance to kickstart their careers within the world of logistics.

The future

FreightNed Group has already invested heavily in recent years to realise the first sustainable steps. This has ensured that we are doing our part to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and this creates a positive atmosphere within the company. We have set goals for the whole FreightNed Group for the next five years.

Sustainable Employability

In 2023, Sustainable Employability is high on the agenda. This ensures that our employees, even after reaching the retirement age, remain physically fit and can enjoy their well-seserved retirement. This goal is achieved by focusing on vitality. Joint sports activities will be organised, such as annual participation in a cycling tour, the Rotterdam quarter marathon and walking tours. To provide stimulus for movement, a partnership was formed with a.s.r. Vitality. FreightNed aims to make vitality part of its corporate culture in the coming years.

Another goal of FreightNed is to reduce off-process CO2 and further facilitate healthy employee choices. There will be a bicycle plan as a fringe benefit in 2023. Because of this development, FreightNed expects employees to bike to work more often instead of driving. Good for vitality and for the world.

To further reduce CO2 emissions, all new business (passenger) cars will be at least hybrid from 2023, and fully electric from 2024. This means that starting in 2026, all business (passenger) cars will be electric.

In 2023, FreightNed plans to develop a training platform for hands-on employees. The platform will be developed in collaboration with THAR. By offering training ‘in-house’, FreightNed ensures that employees continue to develop. The result will be that employees will not only remain employable in the dynamic logistics market, but can also be deployed more broadly.

Want to know more about our CSR policy? Request the brochure by sending us an email.

The future of logistics

FreightNed believes that making a social contribution to the next generation is incredibly important. Not only by sponsoring soccer club V.V. Oosterhout, but also by contributing to education. That’s why FreightNed, along with 5 other logistics companies, is contributing to the hybrid Transport and Logistics Orientation Year course. In this programme, students get the opportunity to spend a year exploring the world of logistics and doing internships at 4 different companies.