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Heavy Transport provides the perfect transport solution!

FreightNed Heavy Transport is a logistics service provider that specialises in transporting earthmoving and (land) construction machinery, steel, containers and other special-sized goods. Think of goods that have a different length, width and height than prescribed for standard road transport.

Our experienced and certified drivers provide daily transportation throughout the Netherlands and surrounding countries. Our skilled staff has all required knowledge and expertise at their disposal, which is demonstrated by our range of certifications for, among others, SCC, forklift, load securing, and working safely with an aerial work platform. The cargo is extremely carefully secured with certified tensioning equipment. With our Track & Trace system, we can accurately determine the location of the trucks.

Our strength

We strive to deploy the right equipment and qualified personnel at the agreed upon time and location. Our core values are reliability, safety, customer focus and flexibility. This is how we build long-term relationships with customers and suppliers in which mutual trust and cooperation are key.

Vehicle Fleet

The fleet consists of 17 trucks and 23 trailers, including the specific ones mentioned here.

  • Low bed trailers
  • Low loader trailers (extendable & fixed ramps)
  • Flat bed trailers (extendable)
  • Container chassis
  • Tautliners

Exceptional Transport

If you need an incidental excemption for exceptional transport, we can assist you with the request, possible route investigation and transport guidance. FreightNed Heavy Transport has extensive knowledge of laws and regulations within exceptional transport in the Benelux countries and Germany. Requesting an incidental excemption requires accuracy, specialty and preparation.

Acquisition of Martens Transport Oosterhout

Effective March 16, 2023, Martens Transport Oosterhout B.V., based in Oosterhout, has continued as part of the FreightNed Group. With this acquisition, we as FreightNed Group have many opportunities to continue growing with our machine/special transport activities. FreightNed has a very strong focus on sales which will certainly Martens Transport Oosterhout new possibilities and opportunities.

Martens Transport, as a family business, has a history dating back to 1922 with the first license plate in Martens’ name. The company has managed to build a fine reputation in the transportation sector specialising in: aerial work platforms, forklifts, shovels, steel profiles, concrete elements and/or other heavy goods. FreightNed Heavy Transport has extensive knowledge of laws and regulations within exceptional transport in the Benelux countries and Germany.


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