FreightNed Logistics

FreightNed Logistics is your leading reliable partner in the field of European road transport, a specialist when it comes to taking on your logistic challenges.

With fast and efficient transport worldwide, FreightNed guarantees customised solutions for all your logistic needs. Every day, we manage many goods flows within and outside Europe. Shipments entrusted to FreightNed are expertly transported and handled. This all happens thanks to our fast transportation service and our international distribution network. We also offer road transport to all destinations outside Europe. This makes us an exception in the market.

Our strength

Because of its unique network, FreigtNed Logistics gets to the most remote areas. The short lines, fixed contacts, and consistent quality leads to you being unburdened throughout the entire logistics process. Our excellent quality assurance is evidenced by our ISO 9001 certification.


Curious about what we can do for you? Feel free to request an immediate no-obligation consultation with Sales Manager Jeroen van den Broek at vandenbroek@freightned.com or request a rate directly at sales@freightned.com.

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Sales Manager



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