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For al your ocean transport.

FreightNed Ocean (formerly known as FWD Logistics) specialises in ocean transport. Through ocean freight, we transport your goods to virtually any destination.

Whatever it is you are looking for in a freight forwarder, we can offer it to you. Do you want a container delivered directly in front of your main entrance? No problem. Would you like to move a small cargo halfway around the world? We will arrange it for you!

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FreightNed Ocean


Sea freight.

The fast growing economy in the Far East has challenged us to focus on this area. Our first-class team of dedicated agents in all main ports, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Yantian, and Qingdao, helps us coordinate all our activities in the Far East. They also provide the possibility to stuff and strip containers, arrange domestic transport, and to support us during customs formalities.

Our agents share the status of your shipment online at any given time, allowing you to quickly make important decisions.

Experience in the maritime sector

Many years of experience in the maritime sector have provided us knowledge, connections, and wonderful partnerships, making us the perfect guide to help you with all you freight-related issues. Our international network of independent partners allows us to offer the highest level of service for remarkably competitive prices.

We are proud of our specialised team of logistics experts. As our client, you can count on fast and professional support whenever you need it, so that you can focus on your business.

Absolute reliability

Transparency and trust are very important to us. Our commitment to transparency ensures that your shipment is always in the safe hands of our professionals. That is what we stand for. If you so desire, we will provide all information you need.

In order to create an organisation that is as client-oriented as ours, trust is of vital importance. We also put great trust in our employees and our clients, and we are very grateful when our clients reciprocate this trust.

Global coverage

Whether you are shipping your personal properties or business products, one thing is certain: your transport has to be handled fast, efficiently, and with the best care. We offer shipping options to just about any location in the world.

It is not a surprise that we are a freight forwarder that is capable of reaching the entire world for you. But the way in which we do that, is special!

Our comprehensive network of shipping professionals does not only offer the reach, but also speed and fast decision-making. With our valued partnerships, we can act quickly and decisively whenever you need us to.

Additional power can be found in the independent nature of our partnerships. By being independent, we can remain loyal to you, our client. This means that we can offer you fair prices and excellent service.

Frequently asked questions

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What is the minimum weight of a shipment with freightned ocean?

With FreightNed Ocean, you can ship anything, from a nice bottle of cognac to a shunter weighing 56 tons. We will find the most suitable and economic solution for any shipment, no matter what the volume or weight is.

Does freightned ocean offer solutions for customs affairs?

At FreightNed Ocean, we take care of all matters regarding customs, no matter how complicated they are. Our own customs department possesses all necessary knowledge to answer all your customs-related problems or solve any issues. For both import and export shipments, our experts will provide all necessary information you need to move your shipment through customs.

How should i book my ocean freight (lcl or fcl)?

FreightNed Ocean does not only transport your products, we also advise you about the most suitable solution for your shipment, taking the volume and weight into account.

There are two options:

  • Less Container Load (LCL) for shipments that do not require the use of a full container.
  • Full Container Load (FCL) for shipments that do require a full container.

The latter option is not just the cheapest, but can also be chosen based on other factors that play a role, such as speed, safety, type of goods, and destination.

Our experts are happy to help you make the right decision!

Can freightned ocean arrange local collection in china or the usa?

FreightNed Ocean has a very strong network of partners, especially in China and the USA. We connect our partner to your supplier and, that way, your shipment will be collected in a professional manner, taking care of all necessary customs formalities for the export process. We provide real-time status information, so you will know exactly when to expect your goods.

More information about ocean freight solutions

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information regarding ocean freight shipments or a detailed request for quotation.

We will gladly help you solve important issues concerning shipping lanes, prices, or services. FreightNed Ocean strives to answer or question or message as soon as possible.