Vision & Mission

Hands-on mentality &

Dutch conviviality

FreightNed started in April 2007 as a freight forwarder in a small office in Rotterdam. A starting company among many big established players. Our success factors were, and still are, speed, flexibility and customer focus, where our customers have a fixed contact person. This allowed FreightNed to grow and add the Oosterhout location in 2019. FreightNed therefore has a nice combination of Rotterdam hands-on mentality and the typical Oosterhout conviviality.

Today, FreightNed is a logistics provider with two locations consisting of six modalities. Each modality has its own transportation group it focuses on. FreightNed Group consists of the following modalities:


FreightNed’s mission is to be a reliable, high-quality, and flexible partner for all logistics matters. Thanks to its progressive nature, customer focus and years of experience, FreightNed is able to achieve this mission.

vital employees
shipments per year


Whether your business is large or small, we offer customer-focused solutions. We ensure that our customers’ goods make it to the right places as quickly as possible, whether that is in one of our warehouses or anywhere else in the world. With our diverse package of modalities, we can always offer tailor-made solutions to our customers. It’s not without reason that our slogan is: FreightNed is your flexible logistics partner.

  • Speed
  • Flexibility: appropriate customisation for any logistics matter
  • Knowledge: a specialist player within the industry for more than 15 years
  • Customer-focus: our focus is always on the customer, who has a fixed contact person
  • Reliability