FreightNed Warehousing

FreightNed Warehousing has the space for all your logistics challenges.

FreightNed Warehousing has imposing warehouses in Oosterhout with meters-high racking and in Ridderkerk for bulk storage. Altogether accounting for over 46,000 square meters of storage space. In addition to warehousing, we offer options for barcode scanning, assembly, bulk storage, inbound & outbound, and container services. It’s all possible at FreightNed, so find out what our logistic service can mean for your business. Our warehouse provides a permanently safe and dry environment for products. All our storage units are fitted with alarm systems, camera security, and fire protection.


  • Pallet and bulk storage
  • Container services
  • Loading & unloading
  • Customs control
  • Gas measurement & degassing
  • Handling return flows
  • Quality control
  • E-fulfillment (e-logistics; webshop logistics solutions)
  • Labelling and tagging
  • Electronic Data Interchange

Our strength

Safety is paramount at FreightNed Warehousing. That is why we always see to it that the warehouse and equipment are in excellent condition. We exclusively work with well-trained and instructed staff to guarantee and maintain security.

If you store goods at our warehouse, we can take care of just about any related activity, such as order picking, storage administration, Value Added Logistics services, and preparing your goods for shipment.  Goods can be stored according to the method of your choosing: FIFO, LIFO, or FEFO. We register batches and can trace each pallet through our Warehouse Management System (WMS).


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